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What is Ascension?

In July of 1999, during a channeling session, Ashtar informed us that we were to begin a series of Ascension Classes. It was stated that various Masters and Angels would come in on a weekly basis to teach beginning concepts of personal and planetary ascension. Approximately a month later, we were told that Sananda (the being that formerly walked this planet as Jesus the Christ) would be the primary teacher of these lessons. Then, in November, Sananda informed us that these lessons were to be put together as books in order to be available to those without computers. The lessons were to be bound in a series of twelve lessons. Sananda also wished these lessons to be called "Sananda Teaches Ascension". The final product ended up being four books.

We were informed by Ashtar that a fair energy exchange was required for these (printed) books. This energy exchange was, and is, to be in the form of a Love Donation. We have followed through with Ashtar's ideal, of a fair energy exchange, and you have been charged a minimum Love donation of $1.00 per lesson, which does not even include the cost of the printing. We had also charged the minimum Love Donation for people to attend these classes online, in a group forum. Then in the fall of 2002 we were asked to email each of these classes, at no charge, to our mailing lists, asking each of those on our lists to send them out to any other lists that they may also belong to. On June 11, 2003 we were asked by Sananda to again offer these lessons to any and all, without expectation of the fair energy exchange. These lessons are to be placed upon our website and available to all. That is where you are now. Please enjoy and absorb these wonderful lessons that have been gifted to all of us.

If you find that you want more, after reading these lessons, we also have available The Master's Classes. This series of eleven lessons was given to us as a process to make the Ascension Lessons more viable in day-to-day living and understanding. The Master's Classes are currently only available online in a classroom format. For more information please go to our Classes page.

To find out more about us, please contact us at:
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