Calling All Lightworkers!!

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The Church of Sananda's Eagles is looking for you, to assist this planet and the Life Forms of this planet. The Church has many different areas in which you can assist. It does not matter to us if you call yourself a Lightworker, a Christian, an Atheist, an Eclectic, or if you just call yourself a human… we NEED you!

On this page you will find a short description of each of the projects that this Church is currently working on (listed in order of project given to us). Each and every one of these projects takes minimal time/effort on your part.

1. Ashtar's Rainbow Water - This is specific water that is processed through a machine (run by a cold fusion process) which causes the water to go through a series of right- and left-handed spins. This process puts the water into a neutral state, which also takes the heavy metals out of the water itself. This water allows your physical body to become prepared to anchor your light body into it. It is a powerful tool for ALL Lightworkers! We first began distributing this water in 1999, and have since sent this water out all over the globe. There is NO fee for this water; all we ask is that you send us a self-addressed stamped envelope (if you live outside the U.S., please send enough of a donation to cover your postage). If you feel inclined to include a Love Donation also, we are most grateful. To learn more about how to order this water and others that we have available, please click on the link to The Water Book.

2. Trinity Grid Project - We were assigned this project in the year 2000. However, the Grids that we work with were placed during the summer of 1999. At that time we had no idea what these grids were or why we were told to place them. It began with the placement of a grid around our house here in Sedona. We were asked to place three crystals at five-foot intervals around the entire house. Then we were asked to bring the heart of the house grid into the center of the house (between the living room and the dining room areas). Three of us were asked to sit at the heart of the grid with a small crystal egg and meditate on the energies that would hold this grid. Then after this first grid was placed, we were then asked to place a grid in a 25-mile diameter around Sedona, which was also rooted by the first grid. Then we were asked to place a third grid around the entire planet and root it through the first two grids. Over the past four years there have been a couple of times that we've been asked to expand one or more of these three original grids. Then one year later we were asked to gather people together into Trinities to meditate on strengthening that planetary grid. Within one year we had over one hundred Trinities working on this project, many of those people living outside of the U.S. This project requires you to meditate (or focus) along with two other people in your Trinity for five minutes three times a day on specific grids and with specific energies. To learn more about this project, please click on the link for The Trinity Project.

3. Sananda Teaches Ascension - This is a 48-lesson course brought through by Sananda and other Ascended Masters. These lessons were originally being taught online through the use of one of our chat rooms. They were facilitated by our fellow eagles who had gone through the lessons themselves. On June 11, 2003 Sananda requested that these lessons now be offered for free on this website. Please click on the link for Sananda Teaches Ascension.

4. Breath of Life, A Gift from the Throne - This new healing technique was brought to us through Metatron. This healing technique involves two forgotten human body requirements. By combining a specific breathing method with water intake, this healing technique will heal just about anything! Metatron says that the human body requires an intake of a minimum of three gallons of water per day. Most humans are lucky to take in one gallon a day. AND Metatron also informed us that all human dis-ease is a programming that takes place within the human brain. Therefore, the Breath of Life takes you through a process of re-programming the human brain. Three times a day for three days you will focus on what you are attempting to re-program while breathing and following the breathing sequences with drinking water. Then on the fourth day you will take in three gallons of juice to flush out what the body has released with this process. Then this cycle is repeated as often as necessary. At the first sign of a cold just one four-day cycle will keep the cold from manifesting within your body. Three months of these four-day cycles will assist your body in releasing a breast tumor. These two examples are actual events from people that have used this method. For more information concerning this healing method please click on the link for The Breath of Life.

5. The Master's Classes - The requirement to taking these 11 lessons is to have already taken the Sananda Teaches Ascension lessons first. Many people have had a minor problem with the name of these lessons, so we will explain it right now to avoid future problems. These lessons will NOT make you a Master! They are called the Master's Classes because the Ascended Masters that teach these classes are bringing through the lessons that they personally feel are the lessons that humans need the most! These lessons are geared for you to personally face your most challenging lessons of this lifetime. Those that have taken these classes have all stated that their full life was impacted by the conclusion of these lessons. These lessons are also taught through one of our chat rooms and there is a book of the lessons that you can purchase AFTER you have taken the online classes. We have been asked to ensure that each person taking these classes takes them with fellow students because the critical mass produced during these classes boosts the lessons themselves and assists you in taking in these lessons on a cellular level. These classes are a minimum love donation of $363.00, which is a $33.00 fee per lesson. For more information concerning these lessons, please click on the link for The Master's Classes.

6. Project: Rainbow Cross - On Sept. 12, 2001, the day after what is now referred to as 9-11, we were asked to begin this project. Then in the winter of 2003 we were asked to start this project up again. Essentially what this project is to make sure that man-made pollutants are taken out of the air and the waterways, specifically the pollutants that have been caused by harsh actions, such as what took place on 9-11. This is done by having crystals placed in small groupings. These crystals are carrying specific charges that will assist in the clearing processes. To read more of the history of this project and to see what you can do to assist, please click on the link for Project: Rainbow Cross.

7. Group Heart Quartets - The prerequisite for joining Group Heart is working with the Trinity Project for a minimum of two months. Essentially Group Heart is a training ground for going back into the mindset of the "One." Being in total Trust is a must! You will be placed into a meditation group of four with an additional person in the beginning as an anchor for the group. You will then be given a series of meditations designed by Metatron which will enable your group quartet to reach group mind, the state of being where you will begin to recognize each other through your individual energies. Then the meditations will shift and the anchor taken away as your quartet focuses on reaching group heart, the state of being "one" with each other. For more information about Group Heart, please click on the link for Group Heart.

8. Prayer and Reiki Groups - We offer organized prayer groups set up in each time zone world-wide. These groups get together at preset times to pray for specific people and circumstances. These groups pray for Divine Will be done. We also offer Reiki Groups that get together in specific time zones to send Reiki energies to these same people and circumstances. If your interest lies in one or both of these two categories, please click on the link Prayer and Reiki Groups.

9. Shaman Classes - The newest series of classes offered through the Church. This series of classes is so vast that it will be offered in three-month blocks. This new venture is being made in an audio/video format to take in your home along with a learning companion. The one major requirement for these classes is a learning companion; you will have to have at least ONE person physically with you taking these classes, in order to have a working partner for the hands on healing. Each person interested in taking these classes will receive a combined essence from several different tribes. For more information concerning the Earth Wisdom Shaman Classes, please click on the link Earth Wisdom.

If you are a person that prefers to sit at home and do your own meditations, sending energy, and communing with fellow Lightworkers through the internet, we wish you well in your endeavors. We, however, are looking for those that have fully acknowledged in their growth that it is NOW time to come together for the good of our personal growth and the growth of this planet. Some of the above mentioned group activities are loosely structured and some of them are disciplined. Read through the information carefully and decide which you would like to be a part of. Any questions? Please contact RevDeb at:

We, at the Church of Sananda's Eagles, fully acknowledge that in order for the planet to ascend to a higher plane of existence, the peoples of this planet must do so first. We focus on Love in all things, and pray that this Love encompass this planet and all residents of this planet. We also acknowledge that there are at least 11 levels of understanding here on this planet. This means that when someone says or writes something that does not agree with our personal beliefs, we do not condemn them as wrong… we merely acknowledge that they are on a different personal level of understanding than we are. We do not tolerate judgment, or lack of allowance for individual beliefs. For instance: Some of us believe in life elsewhere, extraterrestrial's, space ships, etc. If you do not personally have these same beliefs, we ask that you do not judge those of us that do. There has been NO scientific proof admitted to the peoples of this planet either way. Therefore, for you to condemn those that do believe this, you are coming from a place of judgment, judging those that do believe from a personal belief that they don't exist. We also firmly believe in the "delete" key! If something comes across our computers that does not resonate with us, instead of writing back a scathing reply, we simply hit the delete key! In the past four years there have been only three instances of Janisel or myself banning someone from one of our lists, and these circumstances were for three individuals that were insisting on causing dissention on our lists.

We also believe in Brotherhood/Sisterhood in every positive form and of assistance. We allow advertising of other organizations upon this site and on our lists… all we ask is that you do not condemn us in proving or advertising your services. Respect for each other is the first step in true Brotherhood/Sisterhood. We also encourage the postings of channelings and information from other sources, as long as this information is not copyrighted or at least follow the approved copyright processes. However, we do ask that if you are posting these channelings to one of our email lists, and the channeling is of an extremely long nature, we ask that you post the first few paragraphs of these channelings and then add a link to the page where others can find the full channeling. Our email lists are hosted by Yahoo groups and we do have a size quota for archives. Occasionally I have to go through these archives and delete information that might serve others that come in at a later date, just because we are running low on space for that particular archive.

The Church of Sananda's Eagles is also looking for others that wish to become a part of the church, that have skills or services that would assist other members. We take these to our Executive Board for approval, and then we will begin advertising these skills or services within our membership or on this site. All we ask in return for this is a tithing of 10% from you out of any monies that you make through our advertising.

We also accept prayer/reiki requests. We do wish that you realize that we do not offer prayer for a quick recovery or whatever outcome YOU wish to have. Our prayer and reiki groups focus on the outcome of Divine Will, if that person is meant to pass on to the next existence, then Divine Will overcomes personal will.

Please also check out our products and services that this Church offers.



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