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I have had specialized training in various different avenues. One of the things I have learned in my life is that when information comes to me in 3's, it's a sign from Creator for me to pay attention to. Such an event has just happened. Therefore, the Church of Sananda's Eagles is now officially announcing a new class that is going to be offered through 'online access'.

I'm going to take you back in history for a moment before I explain to you the classes. This will give you the opportunity of knowing what these classes are going to be offering.

March 1987 - I was in Salt Lake City. I was a professional psychic at a psychic fair. In a Reader's Digest condensed version… I had a wonderful experience with two wonderful men from Sedona, Arizona. It was called a 'spiritual rebirthing'. During the course of this rebirthing, I was informed that I was too logical for a full healing to take place. I was asked if I would have any objections to having my head separated from my body. By this time, I was feeling really good and I said, "Sure, why not!" One of the men sat near my head, took fingers from both his hands and stuck them in my neck. He then rotated them around until he could pull my head away from my body by 3 inches. (OK, I know, right about now, some of you are saying, "Oh my God, she's stark-raving insane!" You're probably right. However, those of you who have had a spiritual rebirthing from those of us here in Sedona will completely understand the 'space' that I was in when that happened; or if you've heard of 'psychic surgery', you can probably also understand what happened. However, this is not what my story is about.) After my rebirthing was completed, my head was reattached to my body, and I went on my merry way. I was attending college at this time and was known as the 'cafeteria astrologer' at the college that I went to because I would do astrological readings in the cafeteria for people. One of the women that knew me as the 'cafeteria astrologer' was taking a Sociology class, and during one of those classes an opportunity came up for her to explain to her class that she knew a woman who had recently been decapitated and had a full recovery. When the class was over, her instructor walked up to her and demanded to meet this woman, and that, in exchange for meeting him, he would buy lunch. I agreed to this meeting; my friend and I met him at a Chinese restaurant. We sat down, ordered lunch, and he leans across the table and says, "Tell me your story". So I started telling him about these two guys from Sedona. When I was through explaining what happened, time stopped… literally. It was if he put the two of us in a bubble outside of time. I watched the second hand on the clock stop, I watched people stop halfway to their mouths with a bite of food. That kind of thing… I think you get my drift. When I turned to him, I said, "What did you do?" His response to me was, "Do you realize you went through a Shamanic death?" I said, "What's that?" So he begins telling me his story, how he, a white man, had gone through a Shamanic death similar to mine except that he went through it in Argentina. And that, when he came back to the U.S., he told his story to someone, who told it to someone else, who told it to a Ute Shaman. Then he explains to me that, when a Shaman hears of someone going through a Shamanic death, and it is concerning someone who has never had Shamanic training before, it is Shamanic Law that a Shaman take on that person for training. This, if for no other reason than to teach them how to protect themselves, because a Shamanic death opens that individual to all the worlds. And that person has to learn protection. My response to his story was, "Yeah, sure, uh-huh." To which he said, "Open your fortune cookie." My fortune said, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears". At the same time, he opened his fortune cookie, and without him even looking at it, he hands it to me. It read, "When the teacher is ready, the student appears". Thus, I began Shamanic training through the Ute Nation. The Utes are highly patriarchal… that was my first battle with my training… putting my feminine energy under control whenever I was taking my classes or doing my work. It was explained to me that women could be 'healer' Shaman in the Ute Nation, i.e., working with people one-on-one, but they could never become 'sorcerer' Shaman or the Shaman who worked for the good of the entire tribe. You might be interested in knowing that that Sociology teacher's name was Bill 'Wright'. <grin> I studied with Bill for 2-1/2 years and, essentially, I stopped my training with the Utes when a witch came at me out of a fire to attack me. All I knew through my Shamanic training was 'defensive posturing', and I also knew that, to assist me, I had to call upon the grizzly bear, who was the personal power animal of my teacher, to come in and protect me from this witch. I contacted Bill the next day and said, "Teach me how to fight." The answer I got was, "No can do, you're a woman." My response to that was, "Take your patriarchal bullsh*t and shove it up your as*. I'm going home to the Cherokee, where the women matter"… which I did within 6 months.

At the same time I was going through my Ute training, I was also going through training with the two wonderful guys from Sedona. The Navajo had trained one of them; the Hopi had trained the other. Then I moved to Missouri, reconnected with the Cherokee Nation and got myself listed as a member of the Cherokee Nation (like my ancestors had been after me to do for years).

End of History.

During the course of two weeks, I received three distinct and separate messages from Creator to take on students for Shamanic Classes. This is usually done on a one-on-one basis, however, when I was in the processes of offering this to one student, I was halted in mid-conversation and informed by my Master Shaman, Two Feathers, that 'times they are a changin'. I will not be teaching Ute Shamanism. I will be teaching Ute/Hopi/Navajo/Cherokee/whatever Shamanism. For you see, Two Feathers showed me that Shamanism is becoming 'eclectic'. Since the tribes have all been told to 'unite', there can no longer be differentiations between the teachings of tribal Shamans. Therefore, you are being invited to learn Shamanic basics. These classes also include more metaphysical teachings, this being due that Two Feathers also told me that these classes are meant to bridge the gap between the two paths that I walk. I walk the white man path and the Red Road path.

Now, there are going to be specific protocols that will be called for in order for you to learn this by long distance, i.e., via computer. Those protocols are, one: you cannot do this 'alone', no matter who you are or where you are, you will have to have a partner sign up also. Protocol number two: you will be receiving these classes second-hand. In other words, there will be people in Sedona that will be taking the classes here, in person. We have discussed with Bill Spuhler, our webmaster and all-around computer guy, about videotaping the classes and then using his software to put those videos onto a CD. Janisel will also be transcribing each class. You will have an option as to whether you wish to receive a video CD (or videotape if the cd's do not work out) of that class, an audio CD of that class, or a typewritten transcript. If you choose the audio or the transcript, you will also receive photos of whatever needs to be shown to you, such as placement of stones, proper ways of drumming, and proper methods of hand placements during healings. When you register, we will need to know in which 'form' you wish to receive the classes. Those choosing the CD format (audio or video) will be charged a bit extra to cover the cost of postage.

The other thing that is going to be changing from the old forms of shamanism is the fair energy exchange involved. Shaman are required, by Shamanic Law, to accept anything BUT money from students, i.e., chickens, cars, grain for a year… I think you're getting my drift. However, Two Feathers has informed me that, since the times they are a changin', a fair energy exchange can be received on a monetary basis… conditionally. One of those conditions is that the money never actually touches 'my' hands, which is all well and good because it never touches my hands anyway - they only touch the keyboard. If you send a check, Janisel (acting as my "Go-Between") will open the mail. Therefore, I am now giving Janisel proxy to open any mail for these classes, and any checks are to be made out to Janisel Rohs. The memorandum on the check is to say "Shaman classes". The classes here in Sedona began on Sunday, Sept. 14, 2003. When you sign up for these classes, you are to inform us 'how' you wish to receive them (audio/video, CD or transcript). If you have any questions after a class, while watching the video, reading the transcript, or listening to the audio, you are to contact 'me' at Any and all questions submitted to me concerning that class will be answered at the start of the next lesson because if you have that question, others will probably benefit from the answer as well as yourself. What I am saying is, you will not be receiving a 'personal' reply from me unless there is a very personal reason for one. The subject line for the email containing the questions should read 'Question for Shamanic Class'.

Now, 'timing' is the next subject to be broached in this article. Considering the fact that, for 2-1/2 years I had training on the average of 3 days each week, approximately 6 hours each of those days, then there's the additional training with the Hopi, Cherokee and the Navajo to consider, I am going to offer these classes in 3-month 'blocks'. Essentially, you will be receiving approximately 12 classes in this 3-month block. The fair energy exchange for this 3-month block is going to be a minimum Love Donation of $122. During the first block, you will learn the stories and the histories of Creation, the 7 sacred directions, the 7 sacred elements, the importance of sound, the importance of 'Spirit' within the Walking Life, the methodology behind Shamanic healing, etc. At the end of that 3-month block, you will then decide if you wish to have the next 3-month block. You must also understand that, during the course of these classes, you will be asked to provide yourself with items that you will have to make and/or purchase. For instance, in the first 3-month block, you will be asked to make a rattle. That means that you can go to a grocery store, buy a gourd and begin drying it, or you can buy a rattle and then decorate it yourself. We will discuss this more in the class when the time comes. I, personally, had a cheap rattle from Mexico (maraca) that was bright red. I took sandstone and, every day, I worked very diligently and patiently in removing all the red paint. Once the rattle was free and clear of the red paint, I then etched and engraved personal symbols for myself into it and stuck a piece of green tourmaline in the handle for masculine energy to 'keep on rattlin'. What matters isn't the cost of the materials; what matters is the energies you put within. During the second 3-month block you will be required to have a drum, and unless you know how to tan hides and build your own drum, this could be expensive… so it would be an expense to be looking forward to. Before purchasing a drum, we will discuss alternatives during the final classes of the 1st block.

There must be a minimum of 2 of you that take these classes 'together'. Each of the people in your group of 2 or more must pay the fair energy exchange. We are looking for a minimum group energetic of 20 people online to build up the proper energies. Whether you and the other people worldwide are taking it at the same time and same day matters not because of the 'intent' that you are all going to be doing it within that same week. Your partner, or your group, have to be physically together when you do the class because there will be times you will be shown how to work on each other. When you sign up for the class, you will receive a personal 'Debbie-energetic' (I guess in this context I should say a 'White Wolf Woman-energetic', my Ute name) crystal that you will be asked to keep with you when doing the class, as it will provide each of you in your group with protection. (Do not be surprised if you see, hear, or feel a white she-wolf… that is my power animal. She is the one that will be there to protect you. That is her job. I also have a spirit guide that is a jaguar, so don't be surprised if you see, feel or hear one of them, either.) The first things you will be taught is how to recognize and call upon your own power animal or spirit guides to assist you. This is going to take place in one of the very first classes, as you will need them as you learn.

After the first round of classes have begun here in Sedona, the classes in video format will be available to anyone, to begin at any time, as long as you have a partner to work with!

PAYMENT METHODS (Minimum Donation of $122)
Check or money order made out to Church of Sananda’s Eagles, P.O. Box 328, Clarkdale, AZ 86324
Credit card through PayPal using as the address they ask for.

Payment for 1st block must be in by Friday, Sept. 5th: ½ now, ½ by end of first month of classes (first 4 lessons)



Concerning the new Shaman Classes, I have already received a number of emails from people that have stated that they would LOVE to take these classes… however…

This is to assist some of you in looking at things from a different perspective. I will write concerning the two different excuses that have been given to me so far:

1. "I would LOVE to take these classes, however, I do not know of anyone
locally that I could have as a working partner." Point taken. Now the Point
Given is this - if you want it badly enough, or if you are MEANT to take these
classes, there is ALWAYS a way! I will now give you a few suggestions:

a. Find a local bookstore that carries "metaphysical" type books (this
even includes Barnes & Noble). Post a notice on their bulletin board that
says something like this: "Have the ability to take Shaman Classes however, I NEED to have a working partner that is interested also. Price $122 for three-month block of teaching. For more information please contact me at (phone number)."

b. Pray - "Source God, IF I am to take these classes, please bring in front of me a working partner, and allow me the KNOWING of that partner." Then… please make sure you pay attention!

c. Take an ad out in the personals of your local paper - "Interested in
Shamanic Teachings. Please contact me at …"

d. Subscribe to the Sananda's Eagles email list on Yahoo. Then post a
message to the list that says, "I'm interested in taking the Shaman Classes, but do not have a working partner. If you are in the area of (city, state, country) or KNOW of someone in my area, please contact me at (email address)."

2. "I would LOVE to take these classes, however, I do not have the
financial ability to pay the price that you are asking for these classes."
Point taken. Now the Point Given is this - First of all this price breaks down
to approximately $10.17 per class OR LESS. When I was taking my classes, I was taught that you pay your teacher per his/her worth! I'm coming VERY cheaply here already! At least I'm NOT asking you to pay me in a carton of cigarettes a week, or a new blanket a week, or a basket of fruit a week (these are some of the methods of payment that I HAD to pay per DAY!) The energetics of what you will be learning in these classes is worth far more than ANY of YOU could possibly pay! We will work with anyone on a payment plan; do NOT deny yourself this opportunity just because of money! I will now give you a few alternatives:


b. Pray - "Source God, IF I am to take these classes, please bring forth
the financial ability for me to take these classes, as worth of a fair energy exchange is demanded by YOU as a Universal Law!" Then… please make sure you pay attention! When I began taking classes from the Navajo- and Hopi-trained men, I began finding money on the ground blowing in the wind, in denominations of $20, $50 and $100.

c. Decide in your MIND and HEART if these classes are worth more than… cable, cigarettes, beer, soda pop, or anything else that you normally gift to yourself on a daily basis without even thinking of it!

d. Contact Debbie or Janisel about a payment plan or if you could take the classes as you can afford them. Since the classes are going to be placed on cd's you do not HAVE to be a part of the group energetics. (that's just a bonus!)

e. Do one or two of the above-mentioned suggestions for finding a partner; then explain your circumstances to anyone that calls and see if THEY would be willing to assist you with your tuition for these classes! You will never know until you make the attempt, AND all they can do is say, "NO!" If you cannot bear to hear the "NO", then you're NOT ready for these classes anyway!

I apologize to you; if you feel that some of this may sound harsh, just realize that this apology is for not speaking to each of you on your own personal level of understanding. The apology is NOT for what is actually said though. You see, in the course of Shamanic training, you will learn to set aside the EGO and you will HAVE to also set aside worthiness issues. These two things are NOT conducive to working well with the Earth energies! If you feel that this is too harsh, then you probably will not be able to handle the training that will be given you in the course of these classes.

Think long, think hard… then shut the brain down, go into meditation and listen to what your heart tells you… then make your decision about taking these classes.

Debbie Wright, RevDeb


The following is a list of my Red Path names so far:
Bright Eyes - given at birth by my Cherokee Great-Grandmother (Maggie)
Little Lone Wolf - given during childhood by Maggie when she began my teachings
White Wolf Woman - given by my Shaman Teacher accepting my apprenticeship
Child of the Wolf - given to me by my ancestor Two-Feathers in recognition of me being one of his children. It was also his first name in his physical life (Two-Feathers was his last name in his physical life. This is also the name that he has gifted to all of his children walking the path.
Wolf Lady - given by all the children I taught in southwestern Missouri while dancing my power animal
Big Braid Wolf Woman - given by my tribe upon my being named into the Cherokee Nation (my tribe is: Northern Cherokee of the Old Louisiana Territory)

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